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on a whole new level

BlackBox has listened to the issues experienced by the transport industry. We have uniquely designed solutions to cover all these challenges. Real-time location, route management, driver behaviour, asset utilisation, geofencing plus many more – helping to give you total control.

We provide solutions for:


Need to take control of your compliance and productivity?

Light Vehicles

Need to take control of your fleet management and safety?


Need to take control of your tracking and costs?


Need to take control of your assets and performance?

Control over chaos.

Whether you have just one vehicle, a whole fleet or a national company with thousands of assets…. BlackBox can take your business to the next level.

When you’re keeping the wheels turning, you’ll feel in control.
More informed decisions about the flow of operations give you control over costs.
Empowers you to make quality decisions, less guess work and your customers will be happier.
Control over your compliance needs alongside the other benefits offered will bring you more than peace of mind.

Here’s just a few ways you can take control with BlackBox:

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Improve communication

Your management team who understands your business objectives, can take control anytime to locate and manage your fleet effectively, without ever needing the drivers input.

Knowing where your assets are and what delays they may be experiencing, gives you critical business intelligence to help you communicate more effectively with your team.

Save time finding vehicles

Knowing where an asset is and when it moves saves you a lot of time and uncertainty.

Empowered with information, you can make informed decisions without relying on the claims of others.

Maximise fleet utilisation

Fleet utilisation analysis means there’s no need to rely on claims of staff wanting vehicles.

See which vehicles are heavily used and which are hardly used, and monitor running costs to help you decide when to update.

Approaching Warning

Your schedulers and support staff can use BlackBox tracking and see immediately where a vehicle is.

This allows them to judge whether a vehicle is on schedule, if it’s worth redirecting to a new job, dispatch a support vehicle, or call in the unloading team.

decrease in
fuel costs
on average
decrease in
labour costs
on average


on a new level

Control with flexibility

BlackBox offers a variety of flexible solutions. We have ready to go solutions using cellular communications as the most common option. Mix and match your fleet with other communications to suit your needs, including IoT, WIFI and satellite. We can tailor make a solution for you to take total Control, e.g.

Satellite personal communicators
Battery powered devices
Cellular and satellite combinations
High accuracy GPS
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Local support.

BlackBox’s easy to use system is supported locally in Australia. The BlackBox regulatory system was developed in Australia to meet the unique requirements of our country. As a result, you’re guaranteed security, reliability and accuracy.

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Whether you are looking to strengthen your telematics, asset management or anything in-between, BlackBox Control delivers unique designed solutions tailored to your business needs.

Call us today to chat with one of our customer service team.

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