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BlackBox is the smart way to track and manage anything and everything your business owns that changes location (or even some that don’t).

Whether it’s trailers, lighting towers, skip bins, pumps, compressors, generators, tool boxes, hot rods, containers, dongas, hire equipment and more. The limit is really your own imagination.

BlackBox has an advanced infrastructure that tracks, coordinates and records the activity of your assets. This way you can accurately see who has it, how much it’s really being used and how long it’s been there. Never lose or misplace an asset again.

It really is the smart way to make your business work for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Control over chaos.

Whether you have just one vehicle, a whole fleet or a national company with thousands of assets…. BlackBox can take your business to the next level.

When you’re keeping the wheels turning, you’ll feel in control.
More informed decisions about the flow of operations give you control over costs.
Empowers you to make quality decisions, less guess work and your customers will be happier.
Control over your compliance needs alongside the other benefits offered will bring you more than peace of mind.
How you can track?

Instant Asset Location

Knowing where an asset is and when it moves saves you a lot of time and uncertainty.

Empowered with information, you can make informed decisions without relying on the claims of others.

Here's how you can take control with BlackBox:

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Justify Expenses & Add-Ons with Enhanced Usage Records


Measuring loading and unloading times helps to locate, isolate and improve time management issues. Why does it vary by asset? Take longer at one site?

Use this information to track unexpected events and charge appropriately for lost time and productivity of your assets.

Instant Location of Every Key Asset


Knowing the exact location of every asset in your inventory is key when you want to make smart, strategic decisions. Work out asset proximity, the most popular locations and so much more.

Enhanced Asset Coordination


Your management team can locate and manage your assets effectively, without ever needing outside input.

Knowing where your assets are and what delays they may be experiencing, gives you critical business intelligence to help you manage your business more effectively.

Optimising Asset Performance and Distribution


Analyse what sort of utilisation your assets are getting and figure out what’s truly in demand. Finding what you can scale up and scale down helps you create a setup that’s ready for anything.

Accurately Charge Billable Hours and Track Mileage


Understanding variables such as loading, travel and usage times will help you bid more accurately for business and increases your chance of winning more profitable jobs.

Early Warnings on Overused Items


Your schedulers and support staff can use BlackBox tracking to see straight away when a key asset is about to become overused. Ideal when you want to make sure that everything is being charged out to the full rate when it should be.

Smarter Maintenance Scheduling


You can check each asset’s historical usage in a way that allows you to make informed decisions about its future. Only then can you truly understand how hard your assets are working and how this affects their lifetime.

Find New Ways to Allocate In-demand Assets


Combine geographic, maintenance and user profile information to take a smart approach to asset allocation. Perfect when you want to get the right equipment in the right place without ever having to wait.

Identify Areas Where You’re Undercharging


Track the capacity and usage of every single asset and work out what you’re actually charging for the expertise and hours you’re providing. From there you can properly align your prices with demand like never before.

Optimise Safety & Security


With the ability to monitor both the truck and the driver 24/7 through software, automated notification updates and cameras, the safety and security of your assets are never more than a keystroke away.

Set Predictive Alerts & Automations


Automated alerts can be setup to notify supervisors of anything they need to know about an asset. One day it could be an overuse warning, the next it could be an automated service reminder.

Enhanced Communication

Your management team who understands your business objectives, can take control anytime to locate and manage your fleet effectively, without ever needing the drivers input.

Knowing where your trucks are and what delays they may be experiencing, gives you critical business intelligence to help you communicate more effectively with your team.

Instant Vehicle Location

Knowing the exact times a truck moves, gives you a digital log and timesheet showing what time a truck left the depot and what time it arrived.

By marking common rest spots, roadhouses and landmarks, you can see that trucks are at the designated rest spots without needing to reach the driver and disturb their rest.

Smart Fleet Optimisation

Fleet utilisation analysis means there’s no need to rely on claims of staff wanting vehicles.

See which trucks are heavily used and which are hardly used, and monitor running costs to help you decide when to update.

Early Warnings on Approach

Your schedulers and support staff can use BlackBox tracking and see immediately where a truck is. This allows them to judge whether the truck is on schedule, if it’s worth redirecting the truck to a new job or dispatch a support vehicle, or call in the unloading team.

Strategic Maintenance Scheduling

You can check each truck’s odometer anytime from the comfort of your office. This gives you accountability and helps your team manage distances travelled each day, check the fuel bill against distance travelled and compare running cost against alternative vehicles (justifying purchasing decisions). It also helps you schedule servicing on time, keeping trucks more reliable and running more economically.

Minimise Your Wear and Tear

Monitoring excessive idling can help reduce costs through wasteful fuel burn, keeping trucks in better shape and reducing maintenance.

Identify and Reduce Costs

Optimise under-utilised trucks by tracking distance and hours used, it’s easy to see which trucks are sitting idle or not being used to their capacity. This maximises your investment in the truck and shows which truck is more available.

Locating where the issues are and fixing them creates opportunities for streamlining and improving production from each asset.

Does a certain loading dock always keep your drivers waiting? Keeping the wheels turning with a load onboard keeps costs down and production up.

Set Predictive Alerts & Automations

Automated alerts can be setup to notify supervisors – even on their mobile phone. This could be a convenient check for when a driver gets back in the evening, or has pulled up for the night. Using technology helps reduce time logging data, but also gives you some comfort knowing when areas of interest and regular milestones are being met.

Automate service reminders when vehicles reach set distance or time usage milestones. This simplifies the task of managing services and ensures nothing is ever overlooked.

Reminders for servicing a fire extinguisher or any other onboard items that need inspections can also be set.

You can even check that a truck went to a recognised service point.

Accurately Charge Billable Hours and Track Mileage

Understanding loading, travel and unloading times will help you bid more accurately for business and increases your chance of winning more profitable jobs.

Or you may discover the distance travelled to a site is further than both parties thought, or the time on site was longer than anticipated. Irrefutable documented evidence of contract variations may give you an opportunity to renegotiate.

Identify Driver Training Needs

Monitoring harsh braking and cornering can highlight poor driver performance which adds to running costs, fuel, tyres, brakes and overall servicing, but might also point to potentially reckless or dangerous behaviours that need addressing.

You can also see if drivers are taking the best route or travelling via their favourite pub or bakery for lunch.

Optimise Safety & Security

With the ability to monitor both the truck and the driver 24/7 through software, automated notification updates and cameras, the safety and security of the driver and vehicle are never more than a keystroke away.

Justify Expenses & Overtime

Measuring loading and unloading times helps to locate, isolate and improve time management issues. Why does it vary by driver? Take longer at one site? One shift is quicker than another?

Site attendance times are now much easier and faster to log and report, taking only minutes, where previously it could have taken most of the day.

Staff overtime claims can also be checked against actual vehicle use time reported.

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BlackBox is designed to work with any asset, big or small, so you can scale your business like never before. We like to think of it as the eyes on the ground that never need a break or a day off.

Generate Reports

Finding out where and how your customers use your assets doesn’t just help extend their life and maintain their performance. It’s also a chance to uncover key trends that are only just emerging, trends that your competitors have no idea about.

Minimise Wear and Tear

Different assets wear out and break down at different times. Now you can manage all of these dynamic events from a single location, all while using the data you acquire to make strategic decisions about your future schedules.

Make User Guidelines Realistic

Once you know how your assets are being used, you can assess what the impact of new user behaviour may be. Are they mishandling due to lack of information? Being guided by unrealistic expectations of the equipment? Or are they trying to tackle a new task that you could readily fulfil with the acquisition of a new dedicated asset?

Identify and Allocate With Ease

Easily retain all relevant details for each asset in one place, helping you identify and allocate specific assets:

Allocated delivery driver and their contact details
Make and model of asset
Purchase date
Registration/Serial Number

Generate Proof of Delivery

The BlackBox reporting system offers a rock solid, highly credible tool to verify and corroborate details with staff, customers, police or even the court, as it has been several times already.

Detailed and precise reporting verifies you always attend a client site on time for the duration they would expect, or if there are issues, you can present this in a report so you or the client has an opportunity to fix the cause, improving productivity.

Track Down Lost Assets

In the event of an incident or theft, the recovery process can be greatly enhanced with information that can be sent to the police, government or insurance company. It may also protect you if you can verify one side of the story, or if the Police can be sent straight to the asset’s location.

Streamline Delivery Routes

Take the smart approach to distributing your assets by homing in on the most efficient and safe delivery routes.

Local Support For

Australian Business

BlackBox’s easy to use system is supported locally in Australia. The BlackBox regulatory system was developed in Australia to meet the unique requirements of our country. As a result, you’re guaranteed security, reliability and accuracy.

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Is BlackBox suitable for remote areas?

Yes, with options for both cellular and satellite coverage.

Are there any hidden fees or lengthy contracts?

No, get started with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Is local support available?

Yes, receive 100% local support from our dedicated Australian team.

Can BlackBox be used with different types of vehicles?

Yes, BlackBox is compatible with a wide range of trucks, light vehicles, vans, trains, vessels and many other types of assets.

How does BlackBox help with regulatory compliance?

Our TCA certified system ensures you meet local and national regulations for fleet management.

Is the BlackBox system secure?

Yes, we prioritise security and reliability in our accurate telematics system.

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We’ve even done away with minimum orders, hidden fees and lengthy fixed term contracts. It’s the only way to take control of your assets and drive your business without ever having to settle for second best.

Call today on 1300454565 and we’ll put you in control in a way that changes everything.

National Accreditation

BlackBox is proud to be one of only five providers that are nationally accredited by the Australian government to provide IAP certified telematics in full compliance with Transport Certification Australia (TCA). As a Certified Service Provider BlackBox is also accredited for TMA. BlackBox is also actively implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) that aligns with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHAS 18001 and OHS 4801.


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