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Revolutionize Your Fleet Management with BlackBox - Save Time, Money, and Stay Compliant

"Blackbox have been fantastic to deal with. We appreciate their support immensely."

Andrew Bishop

Arrow Transport

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From Overwhelm to In-Control

Compliance, Efficiency and Reduced Costs


Experience Unparalleled Fleet Control

Comply with local and national regulations (TCA certified)
Enhance communication and monitor staff driving behavior
Manage fatigue and schedule timely maintenance
Optimize vehicle utilization and justify expenses
Generate proof of travel and attendance for increased asset recovery

 Join Many Satisfied Clients Right Across Australia


Is BlackBox suitable for remote areas?

Yes, with options for both cellular and satellite coverage.

Are there any hidden fees or lengthy contracts?

No, get started with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Is local support available?

Yes, receive 100% local support from our dedicated Australian team.

Can BlackBox be used with different types of vehicles?

Yes, BlackBox is compatible with a wide range of trucks, light vehicles, vans, trains, vessels and many other types of assets.

How does BlackBox help with regulatory compliance?

Our TCA certified system ensures you meet local and national regulations for fleet management.

Is the BlackBox system secure?

Yes, we prioritise security and reliability in our accurate telematics system.

Limited-Time Offer - Get 90 Days of Free Coverage!

Don't miss out on this exclusive introductory offer for new clients. Enquire now or call us at 1300 454 565 to get started with BlackBox today. Your fleet management transformation awaits!

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Fill out the form and we'll email your quote.
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