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Linking BlackBox with Zoleo offers unprecedented remote safety, security and communication. 

If you or your team work in remote locations, communication becomes a critical aspect to your safety and security.

With BlackBox and Zoleo, you not only have uninterrupted tracking and communication facilities wherever you are in our expansive remote outback, but your team also has a bonafide SOS emergency response link if an emergency should arise.

This important safety feature is critical when you have workers out in the field, especially if they’re working alone.

Too many injuries and even deaths have occurred over the years when lone remote workers get into trouble. But, with BlackBox and Zoleo, you won’t ever have to worry that one of your people has no communication and their location is unknown.

Stay Connected Beyond Your Mobile Coverage

No more spotty mobile coverage or uncertainty about who is where and when. Your team can report in, call or even message you or other workers regarding their work needs from any remote location.

Zoleo is a satellite communication device that eliminates coverage gaps in cell phone service by using the Iridium satellite network and provides a seamless connection to the BlackBox infrastructure and your employees.

This means you can now you can see where your vehicles and people are, right across your fleet, no matter how remote your workers operate.

The Zoleo device is a rugged, small, lightweight device, easy to carry or install and works with any mobile phone.

Its patented technology detects when your device is losing signal and automatically switches to the next best available connection so you always stay connected.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Zoleo has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that only takes two hours to charge but provides more than 200 hours of use! There’s no need to charge it every day (which is great when you don’t have access to power)!

Have peace of mind in an emergency and stay connected everyday, anywhere in remote outback Australia with a reliable piece of hardware that can withstand even the most extreme outback conditions.

Zoleo Features

Extends your smartphone’s messaging coverage
Uses satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi
Familiar ‘texting’ experience through the free App
SOS alert with 24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch
Quick, easy check-ins
GPS location sharing
Coverage beyond mobile reception
Location Sharing
Weather forecasts

Local Australian

Customer Service

Plus you’ll benefit from our excellent local Australian BlackBox customer service.

Enquire Now

Contact us now to see how BlackBox can help fleet managers take control, all while keeping drivers and workers safe and secure.


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